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The Valentine’s Way

Oh, crap! I can’t believe after all this time I have to run into him on Valentine’s Day of all days. Great. Can’t a girl just schlep to the store in her sweats and t-shirt after a run on freakin’ Valentine’s Day without turning the corner from the feminine hygiene aisle and colliding into her ex? Lord. I could’ve at least put on some mascara. It would’ve made my blue eyes pop and make him wish he could gaze into . . .  Good grief, snap out of it! What do I say? I wasn’t prepared for this. Why is he at “my” Target, anyway? He has his own—unless he moved. Should I ask if he moved? No, making him think I’m remotely interested in his whereabouts is a dreadful idea.


Clearly, this is an unfinished piece of writing practice from a prompt. If you have ideas, suggestions, creative insight to leave in the comment section, please feel free to play along!


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