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My Go-To Vet and Groomer

Pet Vet Supply in Midwest City, Oklahoma is MY go-to dog place! It’s small enough that they know me and my dog when we come in, but it’s also a three-in-one service. Pet store, groomer and two of the most loving vets I’ve ever met.

Pet Vet Perks:

  • They host fundraising events for dog and cat shelters, donating a portion of sales to the shelters, as well as, giving our furry four-legged friends an opportunity to find families. I don’t have the money or facilities to build a shelter, but I can support those who do by supporting my locally owned, neighborhood Pet Vet Supply.
  • Save $25 on a purchase! They used to have punch cards that you could redeem for $25 off of the vet or groomer cost. Now, they do it all on the computer under the customer’s name, so I don’t have to keep up with the card anymore.
  • They provide quick doggie mani/pedi for only $10. When my fuzzy child is click, click, clicking on the tile or wood floor, I just pop in for about 10 minutes and she is click-free. Easy sneezy!
  • They sell nutritious dog and cat food and treats, not the big brands that are full of scary ingredients. The brand selection is concise compared to large pet stores, which makes it easier for this doggie mommy to choose.
  • They supply FREE sample bags of food so you can determine if your picky eater will like it before you buy it.
  • Employees are friendly! When you purchase dog or cat food, they will gladly carry it for you from the shelves to the check out and even to your car if you wish.
  • They provide promotions and sales for flea and tick medicines, heart worm prevention, and vaccinations.

So, if you’re looking for a trustworthy and convenient vet, groomer, or pet supply store anywhere near Midwest City, Oklahoma, visit Pet Vet Supply. I know you’ll love it!


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