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15 Minute Writing Challenge

So, I’m trying this writing “15 minutes a day” thing suggested in “If I Wrote a Novel in 15 Minutes a Day, Then You Probably Can Too” by Siobhan Adcock.

It does sound more doable, less daunting than morning pages (mornings, bleh.) I’m more of a night writer. {giggle} Just made me think of Knight Rider. Like, K.I.T.T. the talking car, 1980’s, David Hasselh . . . Anyone with me on that? Anyway . . . ooh, is Downton Abbey back on? Oh Lord, my attention span is . . . I’m thirsty.

Obviously, this 15 minute writing is random nonsense.  Maybe tomorrow.

It worked this time!

The day after the above mumbo-jumbo, I sat down with a couple of quick ideas for my 15 minutes of writing and it turned into 4 and a half hours of writing, researching, and trying to format, tag and categorize a couple of posts. Successful. Draining. Good work for a drizzly day.


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