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A Little Whining

So, what do you write about when you want to freelance write, and you’ve been to several sites that can facilitate a jump-start, but you can’t find a topic that you’re even slightly interested in? Well, you write about not having a writing venue. Except for my low-to-no-traffic blog. Am I complaining? Yes. Am I whining like my 6th grade students whine? Yes. Am I wishing a job that requires hard work and diligence were easy-sneezy and served on a silver platter with a bonus margarita? Yes. So, I write about that. I write about telling myself to “put on [my] big-girl pants,” just like I say to my students. Practice what you preach, right? Bleh. I believe that statement and hate it at the same time.

Coherence? Today? Maybe not. But, keep writing and I might accidentally stumble onto some worthwhile words to share with a piece of the world.


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