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Purge, Focus, Squirrel!

I’m playing “studying” and “focus” playlists on Spotify to help my brain performance during my allotted writing time. As an educator, I’m a believer in brain research in relationship to memory and learning.

Another helpful writing focus strategy is that I’ve set a timer for one hour and five minutes. Why the extra five minutes? Because it was already set from something I was “cooking” earlier this week and I just didn’t take the time to change it back to zero. Not everything I do has deep meaning and purpose. How many things do you do or NOT do in order to save time? Translation of “save time”–accommodate laziness.

An email for writing tips this week instructed me to purge my email subscriptions so that I’m not so distracted by reading that it keeps me from writing. So, I unsubscribed to about 10 or more. We’ll see if I can follow writing tips for longer than a week! Sometimes I wonder if I’m ADHD with writing and organization–you should see my desk at work. Better yet, I should excavate my desk so that I can actually see it. The clutter is definitely not conducive to coherent writing. Can ADHD be isolated to one or two areas of your life? I don’t know. Something else to research.


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