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Writing Prompt Day 8: Nicknames I’ve Had and Why

“What’s in a name?”

My given name is Amanda but friends and family call me Mandy. I like both names, but Amanda feels more formal or grown up to me.

I’ve always been fond of the meaning of my name. It means worthy of love, which the band Boston and singer Barry Manilow seem to be aware of and cater to quite nicely. I particularly like the Boston song. One of my dreams (I should add this to my previous post) would be for the love of my life to sing that one to me, whomever and wherever he is.

Many of my other nicknames come from specific people in my life and are just a playful form of my name. I’m called Mando by my friend John, Mandini by my ONLY college friend, Mandoline by a high school friend, and Manda Lou by multiple people.

My dad was goofy and silly, and he had countless names for me. Here are the few I remember off hand: Mandoo, Girl Kid, and Pootie Sue (I have no idea where that came from or why). Please don’t use these against me!

Some nicknames from junior high and high school were rude and hurtful, so no need to go down that hideous memory lane.

Any nicknames you are particularly proud of? Any you’d like to sear from your brain? Do share in the comments!




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