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How Does Writing Fit?

While perusing my “Blogs I Follow” page, I landed upon the following quote by Suddenly Jamie, and it hit home.

“I find myself wanting to better understand how this writing thing fits into my life.”

That’s exactly what I’ve been doing lately. Smooshed under the layers of work, stress, being too tired from dealing with precious sixth graders all day, trying to keep up with housework (or at least, thinking about it), and plugging through all the chores of life, this thought has been there. Nagging, poking, scratching like a June bug on the window screen of my soul. It’s been annoying me that I “have no time” to write and keep up my blogs. I have no real opportunities to apply myself to writing because all of the necessities of life are getting in the way. I have to do all the things that help me bring home a paycheck, as minuscule as it is. I don’t have a choice. If only I were married to a guy who made enough money that would allow me to be at home, or at a Starbucks or Panera for hours a day, musing, writing, editing my next masterpiece. I guess another way to put that is, “I need a sugar daddy!”

Yeah. That’s what I need. But, that’s not what I’m going to get.

So, how does my writing fit into my life?

Well, as I say to my students, “You need to learn to take responsibility for your actions.” The same stands true for your NON-action. I must take my own advice. I must take responsibility and require myself to write consistently, regardless of all the other distractions. I need to be free from the relentless hounding that I’m not fulfilling all of who I am if I’m not writing. I need the personal satisfaction that what I’m writing matters. If not to anyone else, though I hope some of it does, then to me. It matters. And we make time for the things and people who matter, right? So, it’s time to put on my big girl pants (another mantra that I frequently share with my students) and get on with it, already! Write! Make it happen!


The Valentine’s Way

Oh, crap! I can’t believe after all this time I have to run into him on Valentine’s Day of all days. Great. Can’t a girl just schlep to the store in her sweats and t-shirt after a run on freakin’ Valentine’s Day without turning the corner from the feminine hygiene aisle and colliding into her ex? Lord. I could’ve at least put on some mascara. It would’ve made my blue eyes pop and make him wish he could gaze into . . .  Good grief, snap out of it! What do I say? I wasn’t prepared for this. Why is he at “my” Target, anyway? He has his own—unless he moved. Should I ask if he moved? No, making him think I’m remotely interested in his whereabouts is a dreadful idea.


Clearly, this is an unfinished piece of writing practice from a prompt. If you have ideas, suggestions, creative insight to leave in the comment section, please feel free to play along!

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